An innovative Wi-Fi sharing solution for co-working spaces/Cafes

  • Install Griggi on your Wi-Fi router, or get one pre-installed from us
  • Customers topup their account through Griggi payment gateway
  • Earn Karma GBs when customers use your Wi-Fi
  • Cash out your Karma GBs with us at the end of the month
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How it works

Plug-in Griggi router, it automatically sets up an open & secure (log-in controlled) Wi-Fi hotspot.

1. Go to and setup your Wi-Fi sharing controls & price

2. When a new user comes-in to your cafe, he tops up his account by paying us through the integrated payment system

3. User consumed data during his visits in the month is accumulated in your account

For example this user consumed 10GB in the whole month

4. We pay you for the total data used in the month

For example in this case we pay you 500 INR at the end of the month

Salient Features

We have thought through the process & wanted to put safety measures from day zero for safety of Wi-Fi owners.

For Griggi Wi-Fi owners

Guests cant access your router

The open Griggi Wi-Fi is on a different subnet & the guests cant access your router. Period.

Built in QoS

Griggi ensures that users on password protected network gets faster internet wrt Griggi guests connected to your Wi-Fi. You can view connected guests & selectively remove them. Worst case - disable open Wi-Fi from dashboard.

Control on how much you share

If you end up using only 50-60 GB of your 100 GB quota, you can safely put aside 30 GB for sharing. Sharing will auto disable when your sharing quota is all used up.

Make money experimental

Its like lending your unused data to a needy person & making some money to offset your Wi-Fi usage expense.

For Griggi users

Better than open Wi-Fi

Griggi is built on top of openwrt. More robust & user friendly than other custom developed solutions.

See connection speed upfront

You get to see Griggi Wi-Fi speed & sharing quota once you connect to it.

Minimum 1 Mbps speed guaranty

Slow internet is a strict no for Griggi. It auto disables sharing if upstream link speed goes below 1 Mbps

Griggi Wi-Fi is phishing safe

Its easy for anyone to setup an open Wi-Fi, give it <somename>-griggi, put up a splash page that is like Griggi connect page & phish your Griggi username password.

Apart from ensuring that the page url contains, we let our users choose a secret statement while registering. The statement shows up once your enter your Griggi username, before you key in your password. This ensures no phishing.

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