We are looking to hire interns for software development and sales.
Email your resumes to team.griggi@gmail.com

About Griggi (http://griggi.com):

Griggi is like Uber for WiFi. Griggi lets anybody share their WiFi to others for a price. Currently targeting establishments like cafes, restaurants, hotels & PGs to have Griggi in their premise to prevent data abuse.

Internship in software development

Internships available: 2
Stipend: 20,000/- per month
About the role:
The selected intern will work on following:

  1. PHP server side development & testing
  2. C programming on embedded Linux platform
  3. Debug issues in Networking domain in Ethernet/WiFi

Who can apply:

  1. Should have Working knowledge of PHP frameworks, C & Linux.
  2. Understanding of how Ethernet/WiFi routers work is a definite plus but not mandatory.
  3. Expertise is not mandatory but to learn quickly on your own and do fast prototype of asked features is. Expectation is that you will be solving problems on your own by reading up, google search etc.

Additional Information:

You will be working from home but should ideally be located in Bangalore.
You should have a decent laptop and broadband internet connection.
You will be meeting us face to face every 2-3 days at specified location in Bangalore, in a Cafe/Co-working space.

Internship in sales

About the Internship:
At Griggi, we have created a unique WiFi hotspot solution that let cafe/hotel owner to be able to control data allocation to their users thus preventing the internet data abuse.
It also makes the WiFi hotspot TRAI compliant by making sure that the user connecting to the WiFi gets an OTP on his phone before he could start using.
This is similar to how the WiFi is at Airport & prominent cafes like Starbucks.

The solution is currently live at Toit in Indranagar & couple of other locations in Bangalore.
The sales cycle for Griggi is just 15 min pitch & demo if you are able to reach the decision maker. So finding the connect to the decision maker / owner of the establishment is important.

As part of the internship, the selected candidate need to:

  1. Make a list of prominent cafes & pubs in Bangalore. Try to find contact of the owner of the cafe or pub by researching his profile on Linkedin or guessing his email. Drop him a cold email or phone call explaining the product.
  2. Schedule an on-premise demo. Post demo, monitor the installation (it is simply a plug & play kind of solution but some wiring needs to be done to make sure the WiFi researches everywhere & there are no dead zones).
  3. Being innovative in lead generation. Try to find out other avenues where these owners hang out at & publicize Griggi there. Figure out ways to have more incoming leads + doing a one on one outgoing sales.

Internships available: 2
Stipend: 10,000/- per month + 500/- per sale. If you make more than 10 sales in a month, your monthly stipend is doubled :-).
Who can apply:

People with prior selling experience are highly preferred but the experience is not mandatory.
People who could come up with innovative ideas on how to sell Griggi. Not just ideas, there need to be a implementation plan as well. Most ideas/plans dont work but having one in place is important.

Email your resumes to team.griggi@gmail.com