There are numerous broadband service providers in Bangalore. Listing some of the good providers that you should check out in order of preference.

1. ACT Broadband

They are the best in terms of speed & budget. Their plans are extremely competitive. Their support is also by far one of the best that you could get.

The problem is the areas they cover. They have to increase their coverage a lot. The first thing you should is to check if ACT broadband provides connection in your area & grab them if they do.

2. Airtel

Some providers are good in terms of coverage. Some providers are extremely budget friendly plans. Some providers have pretty good after installation service. Coverage wise, Airtel has maximum coverage. But the problem is, they usually have slots full & hence unable to provide new connection.

If you are new in the location, you should first check with Airtel if they can provide you a connection. Their plans are decent, although not the best you could get. But since there are lot of new players keep coming in the market, they constantly revise their plans. Their customer support is again decent, but not the best.

3. Spectranet

Spectranet is another good provider in Bangalore. But they provide internet only in big apartments. If you are one of the big apartment guys, you do not have much of a choice, as your apartment association would have blocked most of the providers & would have allowed for select few. If Spectranet is one of them, prefer them over any other provider.


There are a lot of other providers, both big & small. Tata Docomo is big but probably ok.

Tikona has some sporadic coverage as they are the WiMax provider. They will not put a dedicated line, but will install a small receptor antenna on top of your building/balcony. They also provide a demo where they will come, quickly setup their antenna & show your the speed that you are getting. They are pretty quick to setup. But their support has been pretty bad.

Avoid You broadband at all cost. There is nobody out there who is happy with their connection.

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