For business, sharing WiFi has been an expensive affair with people selling all kind of ‘solutions’ & charging hefty money. The tech involved is pretty straight forward & we at Griggi feel that someone has to standardize the process & bring down the cost.

Griggi Advantages

1. Miniscule cost - There are no ‘recurring’ cost with Griggi. You just need to pay one time router cost. We even discount that if you have more than 100 users using Griggi every month.

2. Abuse control - You can specify total data shared every month & the WiFi sharing will be disabled once that quota is hit. You can also specify per user quota (total quota / expected users) & each user who surpass his quota will no longer be able to use WiFi for that month. Most WiFi owners keep extremely slow/annoying speed to prevent abuse but you do not have to.

3. No sharing password - Griggi provides an open WiFi to which only Griggi registered users can connect. A new user can register with Griggi by connecting to your Griggi WiFi. Dont worry, we have built-in abuse control & open WiFi does not mean WiFi up for abuse.

4. User data monitoring - We do a book keeping of every user. Users need to register with their mobile phone number so they can be tracked. This is in accordance with Indian laws for WiFi sharing.

5. Extremely user friendly - We have built innovative ways to ensure your users have a great experience using your WiFi. They get to see the speed they are getting upfront, their data quota etc. Details on our home page

Who could use Griggi

Through Griggi, anybody could share their WiFi with people around either for free or for a price. You need to have a broadband connection.

Cafe/restaurant owners

1. Get Griggi by filling in this form. If you already have a free WiFi solution, you could still try Griggi by placing Griggi router alongside your regular router.

2. Configure WiFi quota per billing cycle. Assuming you have 100 GB data & you expecting 100 users, you could provision 1 GB per user. Assuming, you would like to keep 10 GB for your internal work like billing, specify 900 MB of data per user.

3. Put our WiFi powered by Griggi standee to let your users know that you have got free WiFi.

4. Users connect to your WiFi. They need to be registered with Griggi. They can complete the step through your WiFi connection itself so that they dont get singled out.

Optional Settings

5. Sell some of your data to hardcore users who have exceeded their quota & want to buy more. You could put a price for your data beyond the free quota, something like Rs 100 per extra 100 MB. Users could top up his account from his Griggi dashboard.

6. Redeem accumulated paid data at end of every month through your Griggi dashboard. Eg. if total accumulated paid data in your account is 5 GB, you can redeem it for Rs 5k as you had put Rs 100 per 100 MB data.

Cafe Partners

Coworking space owners

Griggi at a co-working space can serve you in following ways

  1. Features of expensive router on much cheaper hardware - most expensive routers (in the range of INR 10k) have support for 100+ users, can provide guest WiFi & some other features. Apart from that, co-working space may additionally invest in firewalls, proxy servers etc. All these features are built into Griggi & Griggi can be installed on a router as cheap as Rs 800.

    This router will not be able to support more than 25 users in your premise though. You would need a Rs 3.7k TP Link Griggi compliant router for 50-100 users. Beyond that, you would need Rs 10k Ubiquiti router. The router can support 500+ users.

    Note that we are considering at least 2 device per user. So 500+ users means 1000+ connections

  2. Friendlier User Interface - Most expensive routers have interface designed for system administrators. Griggi exposes relevant features in a web 2.0ish way, easier for non-techie coworking space owners to configure. In-fact, some of the features are exposed on the cloud, so the coworking space owners could look at stats on the go, on their mobile phone.

  3. Data abuse control without MAC address - Most expensive routers let you allocate data to IP or MAC address. Griggi mandates users to login with their mobile number & you could allocate data to the user through his mobile number. Now if the user is having 10 device, he would still need to login with his mobile number & data limit will enforce on all devices collectively. You do not have to worry about adding user device MAC address either.

  4. Load balancing & Fail-over - Most coworking spaces have 2 internet lines, typically as fail-over. They usually have 2 SSIDs broadcasting, one for each line. Griggi powered routers can take 2 internet lines as input. You could assign percent division like main internet line taking 80% of traffic & smaller 20%. When any of the link goes down, Griggi will automatically start using the other line for 100% of traffic.

  5. Users checkin-checkout book keeping - Its a govt. mandate to log when your users checkin & checkout of your premise. Griggi automatically logs in the known user/device when they connect to the WiFi.

Coworking partners

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