As every co-working space owner knows, keeping the damn WiFi running all the time isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

As I am helping manage some of them I find below reasons frequently popping up, in the order of importance:

1. You don’t have a multi-ISP system

Best of the ISPs go down at least once a week. Once used only in “enterprise”, multi-WAN is a basic necessity in 2019. A multi-WAN router will auto handle individual ISP outages and provide seamless internet to users.

A quick note on multi-wan router is here : link to Linkedin Post!

2. Your WiFi routers are not optimally placed

Most people don’t get how flaky wireless connections can be. Best setups have no more than 20 meters distance between user and Access Point. With 5G the speed has increased but range has further come down.

3. You have no internet monitoring system in place

ISP throttling, Power loss, loose cable, accidental and intentional resets; it all adds up. A monitoring system will give you a live status of every network element and will tell you if anything is OFF or sub-par speed.

4. You don’t have enough ISP bandwidth

While it depends how much each user is accessing, on average 2 Mbps per user is OK. That means a 100 Mbps connection is optimum for 50 users.

5. You have no data usage limits in place

I run through 500 GB of data per month, if I am not careful about my usage. A data limit system will make users responsible about usage and it will lead to better internet for everyone.